3-Sweetheart -Double Crop Package Zone 3-9, 1,5 yo tissue cultured plants

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We offer 3 plants. Sweetheart is a new USDA release- Super Blueberry bush- Two crops:  late Spring and Fall. The bushes yield 25% more than Duke or apx 15 lbs, per bush, per year. Early ripening, superior flavor, very good firmness and excellent productivity with large fruits, 1,6 g ( the Grandfather of the plant is the  Patriot berry). This plant represents a decade of research from the US Department of Agriculture  Research, Education, and Economics Agricultural Research Service. This new Blueberry is a cross between Northern and Southern high bushes although hardiness zone is still questionable. DELICIOUS. Apx  Zones 4-9. 1 yo tissue cultured plants.