Chester Floricane Thornless Late season 12 cm pot

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Chester Floricane Thornless (SIUS 68-6-17)  (cross of SIUS 47x THORNFREE made in 1968 by J.W. Hull, the same cross that produced Hull Thornless, both have Darrow as grandparent) is a very vigorous, productive, large fruited, late maturing moderately winter hardy blackberry cultivar released jointly by the Agricultural Research Service, USDA, the Illinois Agricultural Experimental Station, the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, and The Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station in 1985. Chester was named in recognition of the contributions of Dr. Chester Zych, former fruit researcher at the University of Illinois. Chester been proven for U-pick operations and home gardeners, also for fresh market places. The outstanding characteristics of Chester are Hardiness and disease resistance and high yields of large fruit of good quality. It was recommended as a replacement for Thornless variety. Zones 4-7. Size: 12cm pot.