Natchez Blackberry

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Natchez Floricane Thornless was developed by the University of Arkansas.  It ripens early, near that of ‘Arapaho’ and occasionally 2-3 days earlier. The first ripe date on average is June 3, compared to ‘Ouachita’ which is June 10, and ‘Apache’ around June 19.  Yields are usually comparable to ‘Ouachita’ and ‘Apache’. ‘Natchez’ berries are large, on average 8 to 9 g, often comparable in size to ‘Apache’ and larger than ‘Arapaho’, ‘Ouachita’, and ‘Navaho’. Berry size remains large for the fruiting season. The fruit quality of ‘Natchez’ is good, rated comparable to ‘Arapaho’ in flavor but slightly lower than ‘Apache’, ‘Navaho’, and ‘Ouachita’. Soluble solids averages were about 9.5% in most measurements, slightly lower than ‘Ouachita’ and ‘Navaho’. White drupelets are seldom seen on ‘Natchez’, which is a concern with ‘Apache’. The post-harvest handling potential of ‘Natchez’ is very good, with performance usually exceeding ‘Arapaho’ and comparable to the other thornless Arkansas cultivars. ‘Natchez’ is recommended for planting and shipping. ‘Natchez’ has ERECT to SEMI-ERECT, thornless canes. The canes are not as erect as ‘Ouachita’ or ‘Apache’. Although ‘Natchez’ can be grown in a hedgerow, it is recommended that support wires on either side of the cane row be utilized to maintain an upright canopy as is common in commercial culture. No substantial common diseases have been observed on ‘Natchez’, with only slight anthracnose seen in one year of the observation period. No orange rust was observed. Not screened fully for double blossom/rosette resistance although no evidence of this disease has been seen. It is assumed Natchez will have resistance to double blossom comparable to another Arkansas thornless.

Zones: 5-9

Size: 12 cm pot

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    Posted by J from Missouri on 1st Jul 2021

    Received in perfect condition. Nothing broken, no weeds, no bugs, no disease. I haven't found an online company that delivers better on their promises than BU. Also, exceptional customer service. No worries with this company. Thank you.

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