Emerald Blueberry

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Emerald ( PP 11,807) has a chilling requirement of about 200-300 hours, so it blooms early. Subject to some Fall flowering. Berries size is large to very large and moderately firm. Emerald berries maintain  very good size throughout the harvest season if the bushes are well cross-pollinated and the crop is not excessive. Berry color is medium to dark blue, similar to O'Neal. DELICIOUS! Berry shape is wider than tall. Emerald is a vigorous bush with a growth habit that is more spreading than upright. Flower bud production is good, but fall blooming may occur. Ripening can be protracted and usually begins with or after Star. Emerald needs cross pollination with another cultivar with similar chilling requirement. Good choices may be Misty, O’Neal, Jewel and Star. Released from Florida in 1999.

Zone: 8-10

Size: Gallon

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