Happy Giant

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  • Happy Giant
  • Happy Giant


Early season variety. 5+ft tall. Main branches are upright. Berries are in big groups, oval to pear shape. Large 1 inch+ long. Weight of berry is from 1.5g to  2+g. Tangy taste. Berries are easy to pick. Skin is medium thick, scar is not wet. Number one berry for making alcohol, Jam/Jelly and cooking/baking. Possible to grow in hotter areas with plenty of water through the hot period. Full Sunshine

Our Honeyberries are grown from tissue culture, they are virus indexed. In selecting Honeyberry varieties it is important to have a good pollinator. You should always remember that Honeyberries require at least 2-3 varieties for cross pollination. The more varieties You have the better pollination-production.

Zone 2-7

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