Nantahala Red Primocane Late season Zones 6-10. 12 cm pot

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Nantahala Red Primocane (Patent #20689). Late season Raspberry culivar ripening to follow ‘Heritage’. Fruit is large size. Fruit is firm, very attractive, uniform and conical to ovate. Consistent  yields. The variety is Nantahala, a late-ripening raspberry with a highly attractive red color and superior flavor that was recently released by North Carolina State University. Nantahala` is a new and distinct variety of raspberry for fresh market production. `Nantahala` berry is larger and firmer than `Heritage` an industry standard.`Nantahala` ripens later than most primocane fruiting cultivars and is recommended for the mountain regions of North Carolina and adjacent states with high elevation. In sensory evaluation panels, `Nantahala` rated as good or better than `Caroline`, `Heritage` and a store bought cultivar from California. In the Cherokee language, `Nantahala` means "land of the midday sun." North Carolina Nantahala can be harvested later in the season than other industry standard primocane-fruiting varieties. Nantahala will play its biggest role on farms in the higher elevation areas of North Carolina and adjacent states. It is “primocane” in fruiting habit, which means it will produce a crop in the fall. The berries are large, she says. In University testing, Nantahala's flavor, texture and seediness were rated as good as or better than three other raspberry varieties. The color and shape of Nantahala were rated superior. Nantahala production won’t be limited to North Carolina. Nantahala means “land of the midday sun” in Cherokee. Zones: 6-10. 12 cm pot.