Prelude Raspberry

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Prelude Red (Floricane) Originated from a cross of NY817 (Hilton x NY600 (Durham x September) 'Hilton' previously known and tested as NY1009: [‘Hilton’ (unpatented)× ‘NY60’ (unpatented) (‘Durham’ (unpatented)בSeptember’(unpatented)]בHilton.’ The original cross was made in 1971 and ‘Prelude’ was the only selection made from the 141 progeny of the seedling population 'Prelude' (US PP 11747 P2) is a red raspberry developed by Cornell University at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, New York. Noted for having a Very Early Summer Crop, peaking in production well before all other standard varieties. It matures a high percentage of its fruit in late June and very early July. Plants are hardy and vigorous. Average fruit size and yield are similar to other early varieties. The attractive, high-quality, firm fruit are easy to harvest, making them suitable for shipping and retail marketing. 'Prelude' is the earliest maturing summer red raspberry cultivar available for production in the East Coast and Great Lakes regions. Canes have sparse but noticeable spines and are average height.  It can give some fall crop too. It is winter hardy in zone 5 and plants are vigorous and sucker freely. Fruit is positioned openly with good placement and are very easy to harvest. 'Prelude' fruits are round conic in shape and coherent and uniform.

Zones: 4-8

Size: Gallon

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