Navaho Floricane Thornless 1 gal. Size Zones 6-9

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Navaho Blackberry Plant

Navaho Floricane THORNLESS blackberry was developed by the University of Arkansas. Date of Release:1989; not under plant patent, expired. Flavor/sweetness: excellent, consistently rated the highest of the Arkansas varieties; soluble solids (percent sugar) averages 11.4 percent, the highest of the Arkansas varieties. Yield - Moderate yields, though usually higher than Arapaho. Maturity Date - Ripens beginning approximately June 15 at Clarksville, Arkansas; fruiting extends for about five to six weeks. Disease Resistance - Shows resistance to double blossom/rosette; no anthracnose observed; susceptible to orange rust. Fruit very firm; storage and handling potential exceptional; can be shipped under proper conditions; hardiness similar to other Arkansas thornless; plants recommended for planting rather than root cuttings. Berries are late ripening with good shelf life. Fruit is medium sized, 5 grams/berry, sweet and firm, with very good flavor and small seeds. The fruit is presented well for picking. Canes are ERECT to SEMI-ERECT. Hardiness zone: 6-9. Size: 1 gal.