Ozark Beauty Strawberry

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Ozark Beauty Everbearing  (Fragaria × ananassa) Everbearing, J.B. Winn, Arkansas 1955 (Red Rich x Twentieth Century) one of the the best everbearing strawberry varieties not only for Arkansas zones: 3-9 wide range of climatic zones. Mother plants produce runners and fruit well, but runner plants usually will not produce any strawberries during their first year, unlike most others. Very Hardy , adaptable, excellent  choice for Home Gardeners, good Choice for canning, freezing, preserves, and jams/jellies, Ozark Beauty strawberry plants produce large, well-colored, tasty strawberries – and lots of them! 1ft tall. 1 plant gives to 200 blossoms through the season. 6 plants,

Size: 12 cm pots

Zones: 4-8


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