About Our Strawberries & Exotic Fruit Plants

Our Strawberries For Sale are sold in lots of 6 potted plants. 12cm pots. We offer two types - Junebearing and Everbearing. For best results we suggest Early Planting. Late frost will not harm Your plants. No mulch around strawberries only high quality  dry straw is possible! Our strawberries are stored in temperature controlled storage to ensure the highest quality plants and Your planting success. Order early to ensure availability! Strawberries are very high demand every year. We ship all year. Please, DO NOT replant strawberries right after You open the box, let them stay in pots to feel more comfortable in their new location. When You can see they've started growing, then it is time to replant!

Lingonberries, Aronias, Gooseberries are great addition to Your Garden. Something different and Healthy.