The Backyard Bird-Lover's Guide : Attracting, Nesting, Feeding by Jan Mahnken, Jeffrey C. Domm (Illustrated by)

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Everything readers want to know about feeding, territory, courtship, nesting, and parenting characteristics of 135 species.

Whether you’d like to wake up to a cheery robin’s birdsong or see hummingbirds in your garden, Jan Mahnken has you covered. In this colorful reference book, you’ll find simple tips to attract, feed, and observe 135 American bird species. Mahnken provides information on territory, courtship, nesting, parenting, and much more, while Jeffrey C. Domm brings each species to life with stunningly detailed paintings. Jan Mahnken, author of The Backyard Bird-Lover's Guide, has written for Country Journal, Farmstead, Countryside, and New England Farm Journal. She lives in western Massachusetts and has loved birds since the age of thirteen.

320 pages
7 x 10
10 in H | 7.1 in W | 0.7 in T


“At a time when ‘backyard’ bird books are tripping off the presses at a dizzying rate, it is a pleasure to find one so clearly superior.” — Bird Watcher’s Digest


“the most valuable part of the book may be its appendix, which lists common types of bird feed … and what birds they attract.” — Sunset





“Keep this volume handy, as you’ll use it again and again.” — Country Living


“Contains valuable information on food and nesting habits, as well as great ideas for bird baths.” — Denver Post


“… great for new bird spotters.” — Booklist


“No coffee-table book, this. You’ll keep it on the breakfast table, or wherever you watch your feeder from.” — St. Louis Post-Dispatch


“The text is easy reading and will tempt the beginning bird watcher to do more and learn more. This is a very good buy for the price.” — Richmond Times-Dispatch


“a plethora of interesting facts on the habits and habitats of more than 135 birds.” — Houston Chronicle




1 Why Feed the Birds?

2 The Initial Plunge

3 Bird Feeders and Food

4 The Water Situation

5 Providing Nesting Boxes

6 Gardening's for the Birds


7 Sharing the Earth

8 Territory

9 Courtship

10 Bird Song

11 Nesting

12 The Egg

13 Nestlings and Fledglings

14 Preparing for Winter


15 Getting to Know the Birds


Who Eats What

Habitat Requirements

All About Eggs

Who Incubates the Eggs

For Further Reading