Tulameen Red Floricane, 12 cm pot Zones 6-9

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Tulameen Red Floricane  late season Raspberry cultivar.  is the standard variety for the fresh market throughout the world. It has a large fruit with an excellent, non-traditional raspberry flavor. Tulameen - (Nootka x Glen Prosen - Released from Vancouver, Canada, 1991) - Upright canes are vigorous with spines at basal end and an open growth habit. Very large, quality fruit is firm, attractive, and glossy with a good shelf life and thick flesh.  Late, extended season.  Good for processing and machine harvest. Now firmly established as the supermarkets favourite raspberry. Tulameen combines outstanding fruit quality and excellent yield. An exceptionally long picking season starts mid July and continues on to mid August - highest yields being at the beginning of August. Tulameen produces very attractive, bright, glossy fruit with a distinctive conical shape and excellent flavour. The berries keep their shape well when picked. Fruits are large at around 5 - 7 grams each and size is maintained throughout the picking season.Fruit is long conic, medium red, glossy, firm. Starts to ripen with Meeker but has a longer season that overlaps with early primocane-fruiting cultivars. Longest fruiting season of all summer varieties (50 days). Excellent for fresh market due to flavor and size. Tulameen (British Columbia) has been shown to be superior for greenhouse production.The canes are tall (up to 6ft) with few spines and easy to manage. Zones 6-9. 12 cm pot.