Prime Ark-45 Blackberry

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Prime-Ark® Blueberry

45 Primocane Thorny (PP#22,4 49) is a primocane-fruiting, thorny, erect blackberry cultivar. This variety is a new one! It was developed by the University of Arkansas in 2009. Plant Patent applied for. Fruit size: fruits of Prime-Ark®45 are medium-large, averaging 6 g or more in most trials measuring floricane fruits in Arkansas. In trials in Oregon and California, primocane fruits were just over 7 grams and nearly 9 grams, respectively. In Arkansas, primocane fruits are smaller, usually 4 to 5 grams. Flavor/sweetness: The average soluble solids (a measurement of sweetness) of Prime-Ark® 45 was near 10%, just under that of Ouachita. In additional measurements in other plantings and years, soluble solids of 10 to 11% have been measured on floricane fruits of Prime-Ark® 45. Primocane fruit soluble solids levels have achieved 12%. Overall fruit flavor ratings for Prime-Ark® 45 were higher than the previous primocane-fruiting releases and were near that of Ouachita. Yield: fruit yields have been very good in trials of Prime-Ark® 45. Most of the yield evaluation in Arkansas has been done on floricanes, and in research trials, floricane yields of Prime-Ark® 45 exceeded Prime-Jim® and were comparable to thornless, floricane-fruiting varieties. For primocane yields, data from Arkansas showed higher yields for Prime-Ark® 45 compared to Prime-Jim®. In observational plots in California and Oregon, primocane yields were very good. Maturity date: floricane first harvest date for Prime-Ark® 45 is June 9 in Arkansas, 4 days after Prime-Jim® and Natchez and 4 days before Ouachita. Primocane first bloom date for Prime-Ark® 45 is usually about 2 weeks later than that for Prime-Jan® and Prime-Jim® Likewise, primocane fruit ripens 2-3 weeks later for Prime-Ark® 45 compared to Prime-Jan® and Prime-Jim®, averaging August 8. In California, the ripening of primocane fruit was in late August and in Oregon was mid-September. This later primocane fruit ripening date should be noted as the harvest date may be an issue in northern areas to complete the fruit ripening period. Likewise, this later ripening date could be a major asset for production in areas where later fruiting is desired. Prime-Ark® 45 is primarily intended to provide a high-quality berry with excellent post-harvest handling to allow the production of berries for local and shipping markets in the late summer to fall fruiting season in areas where it is adapted. Summer temperatures above 85F can reduce fruit set and quality on primocanes. Performance of Prime-Ark® 45 in primocane fruiting has exceeded that of Prime-Jim® and Prime-Jan® in Arkansas and may offer enhanced adaptation to higher heat conditions. 

Zones 5-9

Size: 12cm- 1.5 year old tissue cultured plant

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